By Anthony Liversidge

What’s Here at Talk


Men govern nothing with more difficulty than their tongues – Spinoza.  

Here we attempt the impossible task of preserving in text and image some of the more scintillating moments in public talk and art in the most talkative cultural, artistic and business center, New York City, with its daily cacophony of book readings, lectures, lunches, hearings, panels, receptions, awards, conferences, seminars, trade shows and other cultural and political presentations by commercial, university, foundation, and other sponsors in the media and publishing capital of the US.

The aim is to help fill in the gaps. Too many of the social, intellectual, business and artistic talk events in this most talkative city go unremarked by the media, with little or no permanent record or appreciation in print and even on the Web.  

In every venue from the Harvard Club to Molly Barnes’ art salon in the Roger Smith, from Baruch and Hunter College to Columbia and Barnard, from stores and galleries on Fifth and Madison to museums uptown and downtown, from the Hilton to shows at Javits, there are gabfests and gatherings daily, and a myriad events such as movie screenings, art gallery openings, lectures, dance performances and concerts which provide grist for Talk during or afterwards.

With all the variety and abundance which are the hallmarks of this cornucopia of New York City talk events, many of them are free. Consult the Talk In New York Guide to Free Events page (link above, at the bottom of the Talk in New York logo, or simply click this: Talk In New York Guide to Free Events page ).  


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