Aug 19-22 Tue-Fri US Open Tennis Qualifying Rounds

Brits were excited when Daniel Evans beat Jimmy Wang (ranked 16) from Taipei 4-6 in the first set of Round 1, but were disappointed when Wang fought back with a tiebreaker (7-6 (9)) and routed Evans in the third with 6-2. Daniel Smithurst was also routed by Konstantin Kravchuk from Russia 6-1 6-2 , but Jim Ward (15) smashed Aldin Setkic (BIH) 6-2 6-2.

128 players 64 matches First Round Tues, 128 players 64 matches First Round Wed, 128 Players 64 matches Second Round Thu, and 32 Matches 64 players Third Round Fri.

The schedule: Schedule

The US Open which overcharges for everything else (small bottle of Evian $5) offers free, closeup tennis matches between aspiring qualifiers and practice by the greats as well during four days of summer, this year in ideal weather. Experience the real thing, though with less drama than on TV, because the sound effects are missing – tennis shoes on US Open courts make hardly a sound, and the racquets hit the ball with little noise. Even from a front seat in the main stadium, the action seems to take place in a dream. However, on the open air or practice courts at least, for studying technique and meeting players close up – a yard away – these days are matchless.

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