Brilliantly smooth dark chocolates at Big Chocolate Show

Chocolate Lovers Find Smooth Dark Amid Choice Array

If perfection is possible in chocolate making it may have been achieved in all but one respect by Christopher Elbow of Kansas City, whose offerings welcomed visitors at the first table at the Big Chocolate Show this weekend in the vast ground floor show space at the Terminal Stores at 11th Ave and 27th St, where Elbow’s glorious pictorial array of delicately hand and air brush painted round and square morsels were lined up in $185 gift boxes or in a parade of three prime selections for visitors to taste and discover the extraordinary delicacy of their supersoft, light cream ganache filled interiors …

Air brushed in beautiful designs this array from Christopher Elbow from Kansas City costs $185 a box but if you have the cash they will transport you to chocolate heaven -unless you are afraid of dyes

…wrapped in variously sourced chocolate otherwise set off by grey French sea salt and enjoy the clarity and brightness of novel flavors ranging from fresh mint, fresh lemon, real bananas to real strawberries climaxing in “lemon marmalade” globes in colored cocoa butter and white chocolate, all succulent enough to persuade the most dedicated high cacao content fanatics to stray from continuing their search for the ideal in the upper percentages of cocoa content, which are too often a little bitter for the rest of the world to wholeheartedly enjoy, possibly enough to prompt such visitors in search of the ideal to turn on their heels right then and go home convinced they have found it…

Moran Etstein of DrizzleNYC concocts chocolate beauties which may be too good to eat straight away

… except perhaps for the small point that their finely varied decoration is not organic, which is a concern of some consumers today, but if so they would have missed other strong rivals for attention at this extensive show, such as the beautifully costumed chocolate torso dolls by Moran Etstein of DrizzleNYC, whose modeling is so lavish and exquisite to the eye that she has packed them in boxes which can be mounted vertically for display if you can’t bear to consume them, which is likely, or the chocolate bars in clean modern design G logo’d covers and the more substantial if less subtle olive oil based quanache of Ron Paprocki ….

Cooking up chocolate bars in a corner of the Gotham kitchen, Ron adds a big G in various forms to his smart cover designs

…who cooks his creations up up in a special corner of the kitchen of the Gotham Bar and Grill just off Union Square at 12E12St, or the 100% cacao bar of Pacari, pure but still astonishingly smooth flavored chocolate…

Pacari is one of the crop of new tree-to-bar makers who prove that even 100% cacao can still taste smooth and mild instead of too bitter

The light roast of the cocoa beans may account for the acceptably palatable choclate that results from Pacari even in the pure cacao bar

… or the very promising Angovi chocolate from the Ecuadorian company formed last year and devoted to making “the best chocolates in the world” by five high school friends from Ecuador, after they had worked in high finance (J.P. Morgan) and in law as well as in their family plantations, ….

If sheer energy and enthusiasm can propel Angovi chocolate to be the “best in the world” then the IncaKaw brothers in arms from Ecuador will do it

whose Chocolate Bianco bar, for example, contains only 35% cacao yet manages to get away with it in the warm splendor of self indulgent comfort that may envelope you as you eat it, but of the five Ecuadorian tree-to-bar entities at the show the very best chocolate seemed to be the range labeled Minka from the Shiwa Urku Community, of which the 43% dark-and-milk was exemplary in achieving a fine sweet milk without a trace of sugary bloating….

Minka is a community chocolate which achieves the ultimate in sweet plus clear basic bean to please all but the dark fanatics

rivaled at the show only by the communal Grenada cocoa farmers’group Jouvay bars, whose name implies the arrival of a new day for chocolate and certainly backed it up ….

Another example of how dark chocolate can still be light and smooth even at the 70% cacao level.

with their 70% cocoa content bar which achieved a fresh and smooth flavor even at that level of advanced darkness, which otherwise so often loses a wide audience because it passes their boundary of bitterness, although aficianados with a yen for urban sophistication which combines chocolate punch with satisfying substance to the level of real food may find exactly what they love from De Martini in their Praline with Barolo purple wrapped shells of dark chocolate with aromatic filling juiced with Barolo, the reigning royal of wines from Piedmont.

Chocolate is a real food with the aroma of Barolo wine in the purple wrappings from Turin’s De Martini

The Big Chocolate Show


Discover a world of chocolate at the Big Chocolate Show, October 8 & 9, 2016 in NYC! Meet the greatest chocolatiers, artisans, chefs and pastry chefs from around the world.
Discover exceptional chocolate creations, attend live demonstrations, take part in a variety of delicious gourmet activities for both adults and children.

West Chelsea / Manhattan
Terminal Stores – The Waterfront NY
269 Eleventh Avenue (B/W 27th & 28th Street)
New York, NY 10001

Press preview is this Friday, October 7th, from noon to 6. You are also welcome to attend the general admissions sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Visit our website for all the info :


Saturday: 9 AM – 1:30 PM / 2:30 PM – 7 PM
Sunday: 9 AM – 1:30 PM / 2:30 PM – 7 PM

Saturday Main Stage Schedule:
10AM White Chocolate, Pecan, Cranberry and Orange Bark with Kathryn Gordon, Institute of Culinary Education
11AM Hand Rolled Chocolate Truffles with Jessie Riley, Institute of Culinary Education and CityTech
12 PM Breakfast Brownies with Sarah Chaminade, Institute of Culinary Education
1 PM Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie with Penny from Sugar Couture
3:30PM Chocolate Center Piece: Technique and Decoration with Jacques Torres
4:30PM Five Things I Didn’t Know about Chocolate Before I Started Making It with Michael Laiskonis, Institute of Culinary Education
5:30 Bean to Bar Chocolate -Making at Home with Erin Andrews, Indi Chocolate

Sunday Main Stage Schedule:
10AM GF Pumpkin Bread Pudding with Chocolate Bourbon Sauce with Michelle Tampakis, Whipped Pastry Boutique
11AM Dairy Free Chocolate Mousse inspired by Hervé This, presented by Tamara Stechmach, pastry instructor
12 PM Bean to Bar Chocolate-Making with Erin Andrews, Indi Chocolate
1PM Vegan Buckeyes with Jen King and Liz Guttman, Liddabit Sweets
3:30PM Hot Chocolate Cheesecake with Melanie Underwood, Institute of Culinary Education
4:30PM Bean to Bar Chocolate-making at Home with Erin Andrews, Indi Chocolate
5:30 PM Holiday Spirits from Marie Brizzard

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