Demos’ John Schwarz Says Key to Economic Future is a Return to a “Common Credo”

John Schwarz urges a return to more liberal shared values to enable a way forward to a viable economic future for the US

Restoration of lost values key to a better future, writes Demos fellow

But would his economic prescriptions save the day?

The small but well connected think tank Demos is one of the last places where the values of the last century still survive and liberal is not a dirty word, but a proud banner. One of their most thoughtful fellows is John Schwarz of the University of Arizona ( 520-882-9847).

P1430533A thinker whose moral compass seems to point in precisely the opposite direction to those of the robber capitalists who currently steer the US, Schwarz has written a book, Common Credo (Norton), which nails the deplorable state of the US economy and society as it hurtles towards a Marxian divide between haves and have nots.

He suggests a way forward might be found by reclaiming the values of the past where red and blue, rich and poor were all members of the same system of political and social morality.

Going beyond that, Schwarz maps some practical measures which might help this return to firm ground, though whether his scheme would work in practical terms is a matter for more careful readers of his rather labored $30 book to decide.

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