Margo Grant Mounts Russian Art at Highline Loft

Hot opening in both senses in Chelsea

Russian and Eastern European artists displayed

Slawek's wife Krystina and Kasia view his All About Sex photoreflections on canvas.

Slawek’s wife Krystina and Kasia view his All About Sex photoreflections on canvas.

Is the Russian crowd the best looking in New York? We’d say Yes, judging from Margo Grant’s latest Russian and Eastern European artists flash art show opening at Highline Loft gallery at 508 West 26St last night, where both sexes seemed to us to combine beauty and individuality in record amounts.

So did their art, which isn’t fashion driven and although characteristically East of Berlin in approach strives to meld pleasing aesthetics with individual expression in unpredictable and very personal ways. So the variety of paintings, photos and statuary presented was as usual huge, and the quality consistent, understandably given Margo’s central role in this artistic realm in New York with her directorship of MORA, the Museum of Russian Art ( at 80 Grand Street in Jersey City.

Oksana with her Genesis of Form, one of the two colorful ‘crystal balls’ she showed

We liked Slawek’s (Stanislaw Goc) photoreflections (images captured from sidewalk windows which combine ideas in a mysterious way) and his new focus on All About Sex (“human desire is the fundamental motivation of all human action”); we particularly liked Oksana Prokopenko’s oversized soccer balls of colorful mosaic lit from within (“Genesis of Form” was the largest), not yet posted at her site; and we admired Alex G’s excitingly 360 degree distortions of NYC landscapes (see

The indomitable Margo takes a guest in hand

The indomitable Margo takes a guest in hand

Social movers and shakers at the party included man about town Douglas Dechert, who will be assisting Margo in the future, Drew de Carvalho who runs his The Voice of Australia in America, Kasia Bucskowska who writes columns, reviews and articles for Nowy Dziennik and other Polish periodicals in New York, and has recently published In Prose, a collection of very short stories (Ungyve Press), Daria Gradusova, who ran the bar in her career role as a manager of community engagement at the Museum and elsewhere, and Yury Tatarinov, Muscovite and self described “adventurer” currently involved in real estate here. TV producer Patrick Clark, hitherto a staple of these events which he helped mount, was kept from attending by responsibilities attendant on his new country mansion in Poughkeepsie.

Yury poses in front of two frames from Slawek's All About Sex series

Yury poses in front of two frames from Slawek’s All About Sex series

The flash exhibition runs from Wed to Fri and will close tonight (Jun 20 Fri) at 6pm or later, so there is still a chance to review items one has one’s eye on without the crowds and the heat – the too weak air conditioning slowed serious buying during the event.

In that sense, acknowledged Margo, it was “too hot!” But we will return today to explore the show in calmer water, since there is more to appreciate at lower levels of excitement and temperature.

(All photos at this page at Photocalendar TalkInNewYork

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